Monday, 31 March 2014

Playing with Words

We have been working on descriptive writing in our room over the past few weeks. Our focus has been on selecting appropriate adjectives and descriptive words to create mood and to paint a picture in the readers minds.We are using tools such as the thesaurus to help us. You can see that some words and phrases are in green and this indicates changes we have made. We welcome your feedback

Monday 31st March Descriptive StoryThe creaking decayed door reluctantly swung sluggishly and spookily back and forward. A few rusty primitive weapons dangled angrily from the peeling saggy roof. A thick knotty kauri wood table sat grave and motionless covering a damp, grotty brick wall. Above hung a chained historical cage used for hunting small beasts. A withered barrell stood forlorn to the side of the room. The flickering dim light covered in green mould analysed anyone who dared to enter. The wreckage of an ancient bookcase forgotten and hidden. The stuffy, musty air filled the room with horror. The only life that was left was the gathering dust bunnies waiting to be found.

Georgia M

The decayed door screeched open as if it was trying to scare me. All that could be heard was the creaking sounds of the mouldy planks of wood lying on the forgotten floor, as my feet slowly crept across. The withered wallpaper drooped off the wall like it was trying to grab something. Old-fashioned weapons hung off the rusty metal pole. The dim light struggled to stay on. The wooden chairs screeched as if they were acting in a horror movie. I slowly proceeded to the next room, I opened the door. AAAH! What was that?

Samiya P

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